A big city full of contradictions will allow you to recharge your batteries after returning from the wild nature.


Our guides will take you to the city that grows rapidly. But Ulan Bator has strong roots in history, the city offers interesting places like Gandan cloister with golden statue of Buddhamuseums with relics of dinosaurs, with historical clothes and weapons

The capital has a lot of modern shops with traditional Kashmir products and goodies from camel wool and very quality handmade souvenirs.  Ulan Bator has enough top Asian restaurants, but also traditional Mongolian specialties with additional culture programs like fashion show or folklore dancing. You can also taste traditional fermented beverage from mare milk - kumis (ajrag).

In July, you have unique opportunity to see celebration of national Mongolian festival Naadam, to see traditional competition in archery, horse racing, fighting, traditional handicrafts or martial arts.

We bring you to the historical camp 13th Century, the yurt open-air museum, where you can meet ancient life of wild officers of Genghis Khan. We also arrange a trip to the highest sculpture of this great conqueror. You visit Buddhist cloisters and memorials. Accommodation in comfort hotel.

You can also visit beautiful national park Khustai, which is home of wild horse of Przewalski. This majesty animal lives free in wide prairie and resists to hard climate conditions. There also live wolves, deer, eagles etc. The trip is with overnight in yurts.


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