Complex and difficult, but Ingol persevered.


First visit to Mongolia and first fish – year 1990!



The builder of all of our camps J.Zima at Khanagai in 1999.


Building of camp Tengis – year 1999



Tengis – year 2002


The first mongolian director of our company in 2002 at Khanagai.



Spanish group at Khanagai in 2003.


Tourists at Khanagai in 2004.



Radek Adámek


„At the end of 2014 our co-founder of the company Ingol and a big lover of Mongolia, Mr. Radek Adámek, suddenly died. He was an employee of Intergeo for long years in this country and he was experienced enough, he knew a lot about local conditions. He was friendly and kind-hearted. A good fisherman and a friend. By this way we would like to express our thanks for how he helped us in Mongolia and we will remember him forever. .“


We maintain friendly relations with our neighbours from neighbourhood of Selenge.


Ingol company was founded in 1992, not long after first few visits to Mongolia, with a help of employees of the INTERGEO company which operated for many years in Mongolia.

The main goal of Ingol company is to organize fishing, tourist, sightseeing and adventurous trips to Mongolia.

During its operation Ingol company has extended its portfolio by other countries – Egypt, Namibia, Chile, Costarica, Bolivia, Sudan, Russia, Micronesia and others.

The idea of Ingol is to introduce these countries mainly to fishermen and adventure lovers. We stay out of overcivilized and overtech countries where wild nature shrinked a long time ago or was completely destroyed.

Nowadays we have in Mongolia two subsidiary companies and several mongolian partners. We have built three fully equipped camps and furthermore we organize other seven mobile camps with accommodation in mongolian yurts (gers).

During the main season (from May until October) we employ in our camps almost 100 local people.

Our idea is to provide first-rate service to our clients without any unneccessary technical gadgets which don’t even fit into mongolian nature. The most important thing for us is the safety of our clients and also good and experienced guides.

We don’t organize mass tourism into the most visited places but rather we seek for tranquility and wild nature. We want to show Mongolia as it was in its history – in an authentic and unspoilt form.

We operate our camps from Altai Mountains in the West up to the Eastern Mongolia in Dornod province. We try to bring the history, culture and also a character of local people near to our clients.

We have clients from all over the world with majority of clients from Europe. Among our clients were also famous celebrities and world-known television channels which shot at our camps their shows and TV series. Almost 90% of our clients go to Mongolia with Ingol more than once!

We also help and participate actively in nature protection of this beautiful country. We cooperate with governors of local regions where we also participate in this matter.

CK Ingol - spol. s.r.o.
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