An example of the nomadic life of local residents in a typical region of Mongolia.


We take you to beautiful prairie which is rich on greenery and beautiful flowers that are watered by the biggest Mongolian river Selenge. The valley is surrounded by mountains under cyan blue sky, with flying vultures.

Take a horse ride in undisturbed nature accompanied by local habitants. Taste traditional specialties, meet folk culture and songs. Accept the invitation to modest homes of nomadic families, live through unforgettable evenings near bonfire, hear breathtaking storytelling. Try traditional handicrafts or archery, try their free life, visit sacred places - their mystically will fulfill you with energy and serenity. Pleasant warm weather give great conditions for hiking, floating the river by raft boat, swimming or cycling.

Our most luxurious, extra equipped camp Selenge with new built apartments gives you comfort after pretty hard tours. Apartments are equipped with own social facilities, dining room and saloon. English and Russian speaking guide will accompany you and give you additional information about ancient Mongolian culture.

Absolute unique tour is cycling through verdant valley of the biggest Mongolian river. Tourists bring their own bicycles, which are transported to the camp Selenge Rashant. Tour starts with learning journey through wide prairies with free horses and yacks, with a visit of uninhabited mountain and lone yurts.

Accommodation is in our most luxurious camp, from where are daily organized sixty-kilometers-long tours through ragged terrain, trips combined with horse riding or jeeps with stops on sacred monuments, trip to confluence of the wildest rivers Ider and Chulut.

Follow us to Rashant village and accept the invitation from the governor himself. Trip to natural spring with Buddhist memorials will fulfill you with spiritual energy. River Selenge is great for raft boats with canals, canyons, meanders, but mainly floating through indescribable wild nature. Nomadic families will welcome you with tasting of their specialties and presentation of their handicrafts. Easy hike on the peak of the canyon will show you breathtaking panorama of winding river.


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